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Helping women feel at home in their bodies through Mindfulness, Movement, Self-Care and Nutrition




The Wellness Womb Mission.

As a full spectrum doula and period coach , I believe that every woman has the power within herself, to cultivate the life she wants now! It is my learned understanding that when women take the time to care for themselves at a deeper level, they can work together to create a future that is better for all. By focusing on the power of our menstrual cycles, approaching pregnancy and childbirth in a mindful way and caring for our wombs in all chapter of our lives, we will bring forth another generation who deeply cares for themselves and others. Ultimately, changing the world!

The Wellness Womb is a space committed to cultivating wellness and empowerment for women in all chapters of their lives, through mindfulness, movement, self-care and nutrition. With evidence based research, care and coaching; I aim to put the power of your health and wellbeing back in your hands, exactly where it belongs!


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